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Telsea Campbell

Telsea discovered her passion for health, wellness and fitness at a very young age. She was brought up in a very health conscious home and competed in dance, gymnastics and volleyball throughout middle and high school. After graduation Telsea’s interest in sports and fitness lead to her pursuit of a degree in Kinesiology. During her university years, Telsea was hit with a new reality and with a lack of organized extracurricular activity she struggled to make the time to take care of herself and fit her studies in too. After 5 years of ups and downs Telsea graduated in 2009 and was offered a job at the gym she was attending as a personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist. This was the true start to her health and fitness journey.

For five years Telsea trained numerous clients with a variety of fitness goals and her love for guiding people though their fitness journeys grew immensely. Telsea also developed a passion for weight lifting and body building, and she competed as a figure athlete at a national level for 3 years. Telsea backed off from her competing in 2013 to peruse a new endeavour and returned to school to become a registered nurse. Over her years of training Telsea developed an immense passion for helping others and she strived to study the human body at a deeper level to learn the

physiology behind illness with hopes to broaden her approach to illness prevention. Telsea has been working as a registered nurse for nearly three years specializing in paediatrics. She has also embarked on the journey of motherhood and has gained a huge amount of respect and empathy for women who are working hard to build and grow their families while also pursuing their own health, fitness and life balance.

Telsea is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to enter back into the fitness industry to motivate and encourage her clients to find passion in becoming the best version of themselves. Telsea’s greatest goal as an employe at Ora is to help the people she encounters to learn to love themselves. Self-hatred is more prominent then ever in our society and Telsea’s belief is that if she can encourage others to take care of their physical selves and feed their bodies nutritiously, mental and spiritual health will follow. Balance, true balance can be achieved by finding time in our crazy busy lives to attend to each of these components of our being. Although this task seems next to impossible, Telsea is driven to help her clients achieve this in very small and manageable ways. The mountain is tall but small and steady steps will still get you to the top and Telsea is a true believer in success being accessible to all.




Paediatric Nurse