Feel The Love Workshop: February 19th
With Kamila
At: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Admission: $40 per person

Join Kamila for a movement, stretch, and massage workshop with your partner ❤️

This workshop is for all levels. You’ll learn effective stretches and massage techniques that you can share with your partner, friends, or family.

Bring your partner, friend, or family for a unique way to connect, have fun, and blissfully rest, relax, and unwind.

Starting with beginner-level partner yoga poses for mobility and flexibility, releasing the shoulders with pressure point therapy, and finishing on our mats to unwind with Breathwork and Savasana.

You will leave this workshop sharing a deeper connection with your partner, 10 partner stretches you can share with others, knowledge of pressure points to release the shoulders, and having had a blissfully restful and relaxing experience.

No prior yoga experience is necessary. Wear comfortable clothing.

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Feel The Love Workshop

Hypnotherapy & Sound Bath Workshop: January 29th
With: Kamila and Aneesah
At: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Admission: $65

Join Kamila and Aneesah for an opportunity to connect deeply with your soul and remove any subconscious blocks you may have formed that are preventing you from receiving the goodness and enlightenment that’s meant for you. This experience will allow you to manifest, invoke, and receive what the universe/god wants to give to you.

Aneesah is a certified Hypnotherapist; she will lead you through an hour of guided Hypnotherapy. Kamila will balance and harmonize your body’s vibrations through an ancient therapeutic sound healing technique using Solfeggio frequencies via crystal sound bowls.

Bathing in these soothing sounds and frequencies induces a deeply restorative state in the brain. This will activate the body’s self-healing system.

You’ll leave this experience feeling lighter, rejuvenated, open, and ready to receive.

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Hypnotherapy & Sound Healing Workshop

Breathwork and Sound Healing Workshop

Join Kamila to tap into the incredible power of breath and sound healing. Breathwork helps alleviate stress response, diverting health problems associated with chronic stress.

Additionally, sound healing can help with energetic blockages, thus healing on both a physical and mental level. It can help improve sleep, lower blood pressure, stress levels, cholesterol, and minimize mood swings.

Breathwork allows the body to heal itself by slowing down your brain waves which effect every cell in your body, shifting from diseased to being at ease.

Our bodies contain energy frequencies, and the bowls’ frequency can be used to re-attune these energies.

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Breathworks Workshop

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    Jaspreet MahalJaspreet Mahal
    22:40 01 Sep 21
    Really love this place! Always very clean, very professional and friendly team. Everyone is always a pleasure to talk to. Have spoken to mark a few times & he has always been very great to deal with! Their yoga classes are definitely my fav!
    A JA J
    15:39 13 Jun 21
    Really great staff. Love Emily, she is a really good trainer! Facility is beautiful.
    Ora Fitness has been my 2nd home for the past 2 years or so. I am extremely thankful for them especially during COVID as it's the main thing that is giving me a routine and positive in my life.I love the variety of workouts and even though it's group classes you feel like it's a personal training session. The trainers that I have had classes with are high quality and super attentive. Plus, everyone is fun and it's more than just a place to workout, it's a community.
    Russ FrinskieRuss Frinskie
    22:48 11 Jul 19
    We joined Ora about 2 months ago. We came over from another gym that we left after 5 years, just time for a change. We have loved the last 2 months of working out. The trainers are fantastic and very knowledgeable. The workouts are great! The variety of classes is awesome as we are used to 1 option only. The facility it high tech and clean. We love everything about Ora and glad we made the switch