One of our main focuses here is Ora is the importance of our community. It’s more than just a group of people with similar goals and aspirations, its a family. The moment you walk through the door everyone is happy to see you, greeting you, giving you a high five, and most importantly this is your second home.

For the longest time personal training has been one on one aka private training and for those who have tried it before we all have experienced the rep counter trainer.

“One, two, three, you got this, five, six, seven, feel the burn, nine, and good.”

How is that inspiring?

One of the most significant issues in success rates for people staying consistent in the gym is the so-called “fun factor.” Yes, sometimes the gym won’t be fun every day, but there should be something that gets you excited to come in.

This is where group training comes into play.

If you’re not familiar with group training, think back to the last spin class or yoga class you did. There were probably anywhere from six to twenty people with you. You were excited to go as all your friends where going and you couldn’t wait to work hard and sweat with people just like you trying to get fit.

People being with others struggling with the same issues have proven time and time again that they have higher success rates in anything they are trying to accomplish.

For ages, people thrived in settings with groups of people. Dating back thousands of years ago human beings were part of tribes, and they all felt like they were apart of something bigger than themselves. Why not apply the same principle to personal training?

Think about it this way. When you go to your local coffee shop to meet with a friend you’re excited to chat with someone or even multiple friends while having the hustle and bustle of others doing the same in the background. Now imagine if you went to your local coffee shop and you were the only person there. Depressing right? It’s the same with training. If you continuously train by yourself eventually its going to feel lonely and you’ll end up feeling uninspired to continue.

All of our classes, fitness, yoga, and spin are all done in a group setting which helps to bulletproof your success of being accountable.

One of the most significant issues when it comes to group training is people are worried about not getting enough attention or coaching with a group. With our experienced coaches and instructors, they can ensure each client has enough attention to guarantee safety and effectiveness of the exercise. The example we like to give to people unsure about group training is taking golf lessons. Imagine taking private golf lessons where the instructor watches you swing for an entire hour. Do they have to watch every single swing? No. Can they give you a coaching cue or tip let you practice it as they head over to a couple more clients and do the same and get back to you after to see how you are doing? Of course!

Training with a group has a long list of benefits. Most importantly you will have a higher success rate with sticking to the gym as the other members of the gym will keep you accountable if you don’t show up.

Here are Ora our mission is to help you become successful in fitness and health. Group training with us is just one caveat to do so.