We all know yoga provides endless health benefits. From stress relief to flexibility everyone is on the yoga train. But, what if you could enhance the benefit of yoga with something else?

Ora Fitness and Yoga offers a state of the art infrared yoga studio. For those not familiar with the infrared technology, in short, it’s one of the most efficient ways to heat a room using an invisible light on an electromagnetic spectrum. Don’t confuse infrared yoga with hot yoga or a yoga studio that’s heated by central air.

Infrared was discovered by a German-British astronomer Sir William Herschel in the early 1800s which led Dr. John Harvey Kellogg to invent the first infrared lamp sauna about 100 years ago which paved the way for a holistic approach to help with detoxification and relaxation across the globe with infrared sauna technology.

Today numerous studies are showing the health benefits of using infrared heat as little as twenty minutes. The idea combining yoga and infrared heat was a no-brainer to us and many others.

What are precisely the benefits?

  1. Detoxifies Your Body
    Compared to steam saunas or conventional heat, infrared is thought to be far more effective at detoxifying heavy metals in the body such as mercury and aluminum, cholesterol, alcohol, nicotine, ammonia, sulfuric acid, and other environmental toxins that tend to be found in the body.1
  2. Promotes Blood Circulation
    Infrared increases oxygen supply and blood circulation to muscle tissue, which helps reduce chronic joint and muscle pain, promote relaxation and comfort, relieves stress, and induces sleep.
  3. Reduces Blood Pressure Levels
    There is limited evidence that infrared therapy normalizes blood pressure2. However, medical researchers from Germany concluded that a one-hour session of infrared therapy could significantly reduce blood pressure levels. They also noted that blood viscosity would improve. After one hour of infrared therapy, there is a significant decrease in blood pressure, total peripheral resistance, and cardiac ejection resistance.
  4. Prevents Those Horrible Sunburns
    Referring to the archives of Dermatological Research, infrared therapy it can suppress sunburn cell formation induced by ultraviolet rays.3
  5. May Help Chronic Fatigue
    According to the journal of psychosomatic research, a study published in 2005 suggests that chronic fatigue syndrome can be treated by using repeated thermal therapy. Patients in the study were exposed to thermal therapy, which included an infrared ray dry sauna. The therapy lasted for a total of 35 weeks, once a day. The results suggest that repeated thermal therapy might be a promising method for the treatment of fatigue.4
  6. Reduces Pain and Stiffness in The Body
    Infrared has been shown to boost your immune system through indirect heating, which increases the number of white blood cells and killer t-cells. It has also proved to be a promising method of healing and reducing muscle spasms, muscle soreness, and relief for painful arthritis. According to clinical rheumatology, infrared saunas shows short term improvement of pain and stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.5

With so many promising benefits of infrared technology why wouldn’t want to combine it with the amazing benefits of yoga?

Come try one of our classes to see the benefits for yourself!