Have you ever squatted in the workout and it just didn’t feel right?

Have you ever noticed your left leg is stronger than your right in many exercises?

Have you ever noticed your right shoulder hurting while pressing overhead but your left one was perfectly fine?

Getting a functional movement screen done can help figure out what’s causing your squat to feel off, pain, and faulty movement patterns.

The FMS was created by a physical therapist named Gray Cook. He figured out that human beings have certain movement patterns programmed in our brains to thrive in everyday life. We can crawl, walk, run, climb, squat, hinge, carry, etc. to help us live strong, healthy lives. The problem is that in the world we live in today everything is done for us, and we spend most of our days sitting and looking at our phones for hours without end, and we end up losing our basic functional movements.

The FMS is solely based on these core movements patterns and tests your proficiency at them.

An example from the FMS is the overhead squat. Many people can’t perform a perfect squat but so many people squat with heavy loads without proper mechanics to do so. It’s all the ingredients for a disaster, meaning high risk for potential injury. But, having a coach perform the screen on a client and can see that they are having trouble squatting can figure out some corrective strategies to individualize the squat pattern for the client to be able to squat safely and efficiently.

Some of our coaches and our chiropractor Dr. Sarah are certified FMS specialists and use this system to create proper programs to help their clients and patients move and feel better while at the same time get strong and lose fat.

Raf and Sarah will be offering these FMS assessments free of charge for every member. This will paint a better picture how you move and will inform all of our coaches who lead our group classes what to look out for the next time you’re in. The assessment will take 15 minutes to complete and after both Raf and Sarah will give you some pointers and following steps to help.

We will be taking in members in 15-20 minute blocks on Saturday, February 24th at 10 am to 12 pm to start the process of assessing everyone. Email rafal@orafitnessandyoga.com to book your time slot and we will email you back with a confirmation.