Nicole worked her butt off during the Ora 90 Challenge and was chosen as our 3rd winner! Here is her story:

Nicole’s Story

I want to thank-you, personally, for organizing the Ora 90 Challenge. We just did my measurements and I was initially pretty upset that the numbers didn’t reflect how I felt. I even cried driving home. Throughout the challenge, I had a lot of ups and some downs but no matter how hard it felt I kept coming in. I played sports when I was young and when I hit 25 I kind of just assumed I’d stay like that if I played them but that wasn’t true. I started to gain weight and after 2 kids and years on not caring I could see it on me like a sadness weighing me down. I cried all the time because I wasn’t happy with who I was. I was pretty miserable and it affected my whole life. This challenge has saved me, literally. I work my ass off when I’m there and I do my best to eat well when I’m not. I’ve even started playing on multiple ball teams and running on off days. Have I been picture perfect? No. But to me I’ve come a long way. I feel strong and confident in my workouts now. I couldn’t do 1 push-up and now I’m doing 15. I’m increasing weights all the time and working towards my unassisted chin-up. You are all amazing and especially Marc has been so kind and helpful to help gain some confidence back that I lacked so bad. I’m loving who I am again and it’s not about how I look because I’ve still got a little belly and some flab but I know what’s possible for me now. I’ve rediscovered the side of me that I missed so much, who I lost along the way and I’m so grateful for it. I missed her. And I’ve still got a lot to accomplish!

You guys rock, thank you sooooooooo much! This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long long time! (Besides my kids and hubby) I made my goals happen and I’ve now made some new ones to crush!

My most sincere thanks,

– Nicole Middlebrook